Re: [ADMIN] another spam reduction idea

Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 14:25:39 PDT

In a message dated 4/29/01 12:25:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

<< I thought then of another idea, namely, posts from non-members with
 the same subject line (or some permutation, e.g. a Re: or Fw: stuck
 onto it, or whitespace) would go through automatically. That should
 cover almost all the cases of non-members posting, and spam engines
 are unlikely to generate subject lines that will match existing
 threads (unless this spam avoidance technique becomes commonplace).
 "What do you think, sirs?" [ in Joel's voice, see mst3k ]
 - Joe >>

I'm not a sir, but I think it's a GREAT idea. It would have been a PERFECT
idea if you'd posted it to FoRK-no archive, so potential spammers wouldn't
learn how to beat the system. (We do still HAVE Fork-noarchive, right?)

Can't thank you enough for what you're doing,

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