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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 20:56:43 PDT

Tom WSMF wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, Strata Rose Chalup wrote:
> --]Having a list at e-groups is just plain lame, and I can't understand how
> --]it's gotten so legitimized. It basically says "I have either no clue how
> --]to maintain something as basic as a mailing list, or no net access that
> --]will let me run one, or both."
> Yea, so I guese Im lame. But my mailing lists dont crud up inboxes like
> fork does with bounces bonk and responder crap. I have easy control of
> the whole damn thing. I also have groupabled databases, file sections
> and a few other gizzmos without having to run a server, beg for server
> space, etc.

Hey, I never said bouncing crap lists weren't lame too.

> I guese Ill let the 300 or so other people who are on my mailing lists
> know you consider them so lame. Ill let em know all the stuff we are doing
> is null and void (hi void) cause the lame police deemed us so.

Get off it. You're the one calling the users on your mailing lists lame,
I'm the one saying you're lame for having them on e-groups. As you point
out further on in your post, yeah you can use different email addrs to
fool the spam harvesters. You shouldn't have to! If you're so interested
in something that you want to provide a mailing list for it, you have a
responsibility to the users of the mailing list to provide a good level of
service to them. Sounds like we agree on that part. What we seem to
disagree on is which thing is more important to "good service", having
a bunch of webby things and file xfers vs having a place where people can
get to know each other by email addresses that will stick around and won't
have to know that spammers are collecting them everytime they post. That,
my friend, is "service" Texas A & M style, not the kind that users deserve.

My spam received level goes up measurably by 2x - 5x (I kid you
not!) every damn time I post to FoRK, but I'm not going to go off and hide
under some fake address. The folks who run this list ought to demonstrate
what clueful technology dudes they are and actually create archives
that autohide addresses, or password protected archives, or whatever-- IF
people want that. I value the conversation (some of it, at least) enough
to post regardless. I'd sure post more (and less edited) if there
weren't a public archive. Yeah, I could just post everything to the
fork-noarchive list. But that's lame too.

> Lame lame lame, meanwhile, we are getting stuff done....and fork sputters
> out four pieces of crap for every one i send about being
> spammed.

No kidding.

> Also, if your worried about spam harvesting, does egroups force you to use
> only one emal address. For some one so clued in you seem to over look
> that, and also that even fork is spamscanable , so if your not using
> protective means you are...whats the word...oh yea...lame

For some one so clued in you seem to over look that just giving in to
idiocy merely legitimizes it. But clearly you aren't interested in
rational arguments, you're just interested in squealing 'cause somebody
said something you use (and maybe even like) is lame, and therefore by
association YOU personally and all your friends relatives and little
tadpole-like vital essences must thereby be LAME. OH THE HORROR!!!!!

P'haps you jumped the gun a bit, and hastened to tag self, sept, and
protogenomic-pseudo-amphibians with labels that were not applied to
them by my posting, eh?

> There are those who can use a system and then there are the lame police.

No kidding. Take off your hat and badge, dude, have a nice donut, chill
out and put yer feet up. I still think that somebody running a list can
treat their users better than to put 'em on a place like egroups, but
not everybody has to do everything perfectly. I sure don't. So call me
lame. BFD. And that's a long list of consonants away from jockey shorts.

> Have a lamey day..

Make it a limey day; crystal geyser key lime rocks truly!

> (awaits the four crapped out responses emails)
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