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Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> "Joseph S. Barrera III" wrote:
> >
> > Also sprach Rodent of Unusual Size:
> > > i colon equals flea tick tick zed tick tick tick eff dollar process
> > > paren paren tick space tick tick cue tick flea
> >
> > DCL, eh?
> Indeed. So many people seem ignorant of the truly great
> OS that hosts that shell that I figured I would not even
> mention it.
> It would have been maybe #2 in the all-time OS list if it
> had had a) pipes, b) fork(), and c) TCP/IP from the get-go.. :-(

It did have 'spawn', in DCL, and it was terribly slow. I think it first
asked permission from DEC HQ before actually spawning a new process.

Our ancient Perkin-Elmer running Unix System 7 blew the doors off our

DCL scripting drove me crazy because I kept needing truly recursive
invocation of shells, etc.

The filesystem typing was awful also. I kept having trouble with their
conversion utility between different text formats.

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