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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 11:34:53 PDT

Tom wrote:
> And im the one saying you do what you gota do to get things done. If you
> cant understand that then maybe a trip to a real world setting will cure
> your pristine "im too good for xxx" attitude.

Yawn. Go back and re-read what I sent, especially the part where I say
that we obviously have different ideas about prioritizing features. Look
carefully and see if I ever even implied that you should sit on your
hands until you had a perfect solution.
> The folks I got on that list would ot be doing what they are doing now,
> that is being active and sahring OTR on cd with 300 other people (its
> still boggles me the amount of stuff we get passed around) if we sat on
> our asses and played the purity game.

A point I also made, in fact praising you for having the community going
at all. Double yawn. Do we need to move on to reading comprehension
> We do with wwhat we got, you show me what youve done with your s and we
> will compare.
> (oh crippes, an actual call on the carpet of results....lets see where the
> folding goes on now)

Sorry, I'm not running any user communities right now. Not my cup of tea--
when you do something for work for years, you're less likely to do it for
fun on your own. I think the only publically accessible version of the kind
of thing I used to build is the archives from the NTIA Virtual Conference.
Yep, in 1994 I set up gatewayed mailing lists, newsgroups, web archives,
and gopher stuff all updating across each other and ran the first US Govt
virtual conference or public participatory event.

Check out and

Of course, NTIA hasn't kept the weblinks up for beans, but most of the stuff
from the conf is still in

So go teach your grandmaw to suck eggs, boy.
> Yahoo groups, it may not be your pristine idea of perfection but it works
> when it has to and the results are in yer face.
> and if you want ask and Ill invite you to the private admin groups to see
> how we really utilze the fuck out of the little db and polls features.
> time to show dem cards cowboy, cause now its nothing but results to post.
> /"\ [---=== WSMF ----]
> \ /
> X ASCII Ribbon Campaign
> / \ Against HTML Mail

No cards to show, no groups to go-- no interest, no time, no bunnies.
And in case it still hasn't gotten through whatever storm trooper
helmet you're wearing today, Whoopee to You for using your feature
stuff and your group stuff and all that. I'm glad you're out there
doing it. I still think it's too bad you won't take it to the next
level and do something even better with it, but if it's good enough
for ya, it's good enough for ya. Given the amount of zing you dish
out to folks, TomBoy, you really gotta thicken your own skin a bit.
Godlike rays should enlighten as well as burn, so adjust your raygun
a bit more toward "educate" and less toward "crispy".

So now go off and declare some kind of "victory" because you're
running groups and I'm not, and let everybody get back to important
stuff like trying to figure out how to declension buckybits on
alternate keyboards.

Alternatively, if you have a machine somewhere that you'd like me
to show you how to set up your own mailing lists, webgroups, ssl
compatible browsing and wiki, how to wrap majordomo, listproc,
mailman, or other stuff under smrsh if you're using sendmail, and
stuff like that, lemme know. I'm out of pocket the next two weeks,
getting over bronchitis this week, travelling to Seattle for a
meeting, then returning next week to go off again and scuba dive
for a week in Catalina. After that I'm blissfully unemployed for
at least a few blessed weeks, and can play reindeer games all I


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