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From: Tom (
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 11:39:37 PDT

On Tue, 1 May 2001, Strata Rose Chalup wrote:

--]Yawn. Go back and re-read what I sent, especially the part where I say
--]that we obviously have different ideas about prioritizing features. Look
--]carefully and see if I ever even implied that you should sit on your
--]hands until you had a perfect solution.

OK maybe i was half alseep when i banged that out this morn. Forgive the
overboardness of parts of it.

--]Sorry, I'm not running any user communities right now.

Ahh but this aint just a community...this is a fully functional multi
level self growing cd exchange system Actualy prodcut is moving thru the
snailmail as well as info on the streams. You actualy get something
tangiable out of it, ie more Old Time Radio shows than you can listen to
ina life time all nicely cataloged, set up and ready to pop into a rio
volt/mp3 player of choice.

--]And in case it still hasn't gotten through whatever storm trooper
--]helmet you're wearing today, Whoopee to You for using your feature
--]stuff and your group stuff and all that. I'm glad you're out there
--]doing it. I still think it's too bad you won't take it to the next
--]level and do something even better with it, but if it's good enough
--]for ya, it's good enough for ya.

Im trying hard, belive me, to get a zope server set up and going. Zope is
, for me, the best bang for the least admining. Its important that the
last part does nto hamper the workings though, and with zope its like a
best of both worlds tech.

Ther will be wikis, dbs, shared colab infosapces, metadata gathering
tools ( with bitzi as a key part of that) and a whole bunch of folks
sharing otr.

--]Godlike rays should enlighten as well as burn, so adjust your raygun
--]a bit more toward "educate" and less toward "crispy".
--]running groups and I'm not, and let everybody get back to important

Your abosolutley right. I was in a foul half aslepp mood when i penned
that response and I humbly appologize. I am thankfull for the education
and the occasional attitude readjustment.:)-


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