Court throws out most of Rambus' infringement claims

From: Robert Harley (
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 14:31:18 PDT

I've avoided posting updates on Rambus-Infineon developments for a
while, to avoid acrimony from the GG quarter, but what the hell. :)
Court throws out most of Rambus' infringement claims against Infineon

RICHMOND, Va. -- U.S. District Court Judge Robert Payne late Monday
dismissed all but three of the patent infringement claims filed
against Infineon Technologies AG by Rambus Inc., ruling that Rambus
failed to prove that 'dozens' of patents related to SDRAM and
double-data-rate SDRAM technology had been violated.


Judge Payne today also said that even if Infineon is determined to
have infringed on the three patents remaining in the case, he would
not find the Munich, Germany-based chip maker guilty of willfully
violating Rambus' patents.


What does this mean for Rambus? Dunno but it sure doesn't sound good.


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