Re: Sun volunteers to clean up IBM graffiti :-)

From: Gordon Mohr (
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 20:27:50 PDT

> [Cheeky, for a $20B (revenue) company. I can only hope we retain such a
> sense of humor! -- Rohit]
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

I think IBM's initial campaign was boneheaded -- but I now
suspect that SF culture-jammers have started to propagate
the sidewalk-markings elsewhere, to make IBM look even worse.

I initially saw the black-stenciled "Peace. Love. Linux." icons
on sidewalks around Moscone center, near the time of some
technical conference, which at least makes sense.

(An apparent attempt has been made to remove some of the
black-stencilled markings along Market street, but they
remain visible, only faded.)

Now I'm noticing them in other areas, including the Haight and
the Castro, where I doubt IBM would have targetted for initial

Tonight, I saw sloppy *green* and *yellow* reproductions that
appeared to be fresh in Nob Hill, on California avenue,
descending from the Fairmont Hotel.

- Gordon

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