All About Sara / Lilith

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 00:41:37 PDT

While I'm in the process of outing all of my (strangely, apparently now-shy)
recently-FoRKed friends, I might as well relay a few things about Sara.
Backstory: I have had a lifelong (at least since puberty) fascination with the
Lilith myth. I won't bore the list with a pedantic rant about that, despite
having written papers on it: look it up if yer clueless on this one. ;-) Hot
tip: chicks on top, origin of the vampire myth.

Sara is one of my oldest and dearest semi-virtual friends, despite having lived
almost constantly half a continent apart. My bad for letting the connect drop
for several recent years. :-( Met her back in late '89 on TinyHELL, where she
was "Lilith." I was "Lucifer." You draw the obvious connections in a
then-rarified and nascent community. Never had the mind-meld I had with her
there with anyone else until I was FoRKed. She's a totally wild, free, brainy,
broad-ranging, creative soul --- and she spins like a daemon, I lived on her
occasional tapes when I was living out in MTV-infected CA. :-) And her prose /
poems / words --- aaah! To die for! So much to say, I think I'll let her pick
up the helm and do her own pro-forma FoRK intro at this point....



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