Crud Mudge On?

From: Tom (
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 10:35:23 PDT

--]Also sprach JTS - MCDLXXXVI:
--]> Maybe, except Whore; but I think that's just cuz he likes to be the biggest
--]> curmudgeon around.
--]He'd like to be, but I think he's just the loudest :-)
--]Rob Harley, I think, is closer to the mark.

Loudest? Ah come one JOebar, I aint nothing in voume when compared to some
here. I just do what I can and say my peace. I aint looking for no title,
just more stimulation. So what if sometimes i have to poke a few thick
layered behinds, it usualy works to get things moving again. And at the
end of the day thats the real deal here, keepiing the converstaional
stream going.

--]> With the biggest cudgel. Being particularly cranky
--]> here will probably just start off another contest of FoRK braggadocio.
--]Damn straight.

Im a lover not a crumudgeon. I rather use the Kugel than the cudgel.


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