Re: DVD rant

From: Tom (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 08:40:45 PDT

On Wed, 2 May 2001, Adam L. Beberg wrote:

--](no, I don't own a single DVD since I've never been able to watch one all
--]the way through, my CDROM drive just happens to read anything disklike, and
--]I record on SVHS - no warblies for this audiophile)

I got a low end 180 dollar player that has played me every DVD I have
rented or bought plus plays VCDs lovingly burned off the net. So my
question is , what lemon of a dvd player do you have?

YEs dvd scratch, as do cds, which is why its either backed up or
considered a limited play medium from the get go. Now while I still have
yet to make a true dvd to dvd copy, ie I dot have a dvd burner yet, I have
the unwavering understanding that I will have that within the next year.

It is inherent in the Movie Iindustry to make people pay through the nose
for stuff and as often as possible, therefor the only action is to not pay
them as much as possible as often as possible and make sure the measn to
do so are either legal or available.

If being a law abiding citizens means paying the movie industry exactly
what they demand then it is the reposnibility of every free market loving
citizens to break those laws until they are meaningless stacks of

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