Re: DVD rant

From: Andy Armstrong (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 12:28:51 PDT

Bill Humphries wrote:
> Andy Armstrong said:
> > With DVDs the regional distinction is purely a means of controlling the
> > market and stopping people shopping around for the cheapest or getting
> > their hands on movies before the local release date. There are plenty of
> > players in the UK (including the cheapo 180 quid job I have) that will
> > play disks from any region.
> Don't worry, I'm sure that the US Congress will soon fall over itself to make posession of a no-code DVD a felony.

Wouldn't surprise me if the any-region players were already skating a
bit close to DMCA -- not that it worries me in the UK

Andy Armstrong, Tagish

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