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Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 13:34:39 PDT

On Thu, 3 May 2001, Matt Jensen wrote:

--]+ As an aside: Tom, I find it confusing that you argue for the benefits of
--]the free market, and the importance of individuals living with their own
--]decisions, and yet when it comes to you purchasing entertainment, a
--]different set of rules seems to apply. If we were on a lifeboat and
--]TimeWarner were hoarding the water, then sure, property rights be damned.
--]But sacrificing TW principles to bootleg your own copy of "Babe: Pig in
--]the City"? Ah well, you're probably uninterested in this topic, so I'll
--]have to only imagine what your response might be. Cheerio,

Oh come on, thats reductum up the rectun. There is a line, and its
differnt for each of us, where the purity of laws meets the reality of
survival. That is the line that you either know about in advance or find
out about, usualy at the worst possible moment.

Free Markets rocketh. Let the RIAA and all the others try to control it
all, Go for it. I think that unless they are stopped by other forces who
give a shit enough to stop them they , or some one like them, will take

Thats the differnce, I dont want to legisalte away the possiblity of some
one going for excelence, nor do i want legisaltion to disarm those who
would compete with them. ITs all about who wants it more.

If we want to open the markets up away from the RIIA and MoveINdustry
control then I say we should have every right to do that, just as they
should have every right to try to do what they want. WHo will win depends
on who wants it bad enough.

I know lots of folks dont wnt to fight for thier rights to <fill inthe
blank> , they would rather have it handed to them by some all controling
gov. Thing is , there are too many strrings that way. It also goes against
every observable instance where the reward was only woth anything via a
journey. See J Campbell.

SHould he RIIA et al have the gov be covering htier backs? Heck no, the
gov is supposed to be in We the Peoples pocket, but I think We the people
gave up fighting in order that they can sit back and have the dirty work
of liberty's upkeep be done by others.

DVDs are a good example of this. They could well have gone the DIVX route,
but they didnt. SO now the industry is trying to make it illegal to
recognise that thier DVD protection is pewpy (technical term for falls
apart when some 16 year old Fin sets a p166 against it.) IF they can
sucseed in doing that then they may have a chance to reap a few years
profit off the diff of real worth and inflated control worth until some
one else comes along with something to burst the bubble.

And they will

Cause the fight dont stop.

Least I hope it dont.

Anyway, long post short, Yes I can be for a free market system and yes I
can be for the rebel allience. DOnt foget Han Solo was once a Empire

"im just like han solo, always stroking my big wookie
im the root of all evil, but you can call me cookie" tbhg

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