RE: [ reactions ] Re: [NYT] Microsoft Is Set to Be Top Foe of Free Code

From: John Hall (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 16:48:01 PDT

But Microsoft's model makes payments for service easy, even trivial,
compared to the porn industry.
Pay for our software when you buy your machine, and use it for as long as
you want.

A monthly subscription model has high transaction costs if the money
transfer is modest. Microsoft DOES sell much of their software on a
subscription model to large corporations.

At some point Microsoft might make Windows Update a subscription service,
and if the price isn't too big I'll pay.

The problem with a subscription model for software that you store on your
machine is -- how can I keep collecting once you have it? That works for
anti-virus companies, but I'm not sure it works well enough for product

From: Bill Humphries []

It ignores the idea which, it seems, only the pr0n industry gets: make
payments for service easy.

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