Re: [ reactions ] Re: [NYT] Microsoft Is Set to Be Top Foe of Free Code

From: Dave Winer (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 17:00:24 PDT

I don't understand much of what you say. If open source is the superior way
to go then it will win in the market. I don't think Mundie said anything
that would contradict that.

He said some things that need to be said, like open source existed long
before Open Source™ did.

I decided to simply take it at face value, and decide if I agree or
disagree. As a commercial developer, I agree. I've said the same thing many
times, but somehow it didn't make the Gray Lady. As recently as last year
people gave me puzzled looks when I said I made software. "What's the
business model?" they asked. "We sell licenses." As if that were some kind
of new twist.

Here's the deal, we've been inundated by carpetbaggers. Even some people who
should have known better became carpetbaggers. Leaving the rest of us with a
mess to clean up.

Of course Markoff cast it as a battle. That's his job until he gets another
one. ;->


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> > And while I haven't analyzed every sentence, it speaks for me.
> >
> > It's nice to see Microsoft starting to be a leader in this way.
> Well I parsed through his speech and the main thing that sticks out is the
premise that given: ads don't work, market share don't work, and pay don't
work -- that software must be proprietary (under MS' um, generous terms.)
> It ignores the idea which, it seems, only the pr0n industry gets: make
payments for service easy.
> And even though he speaks about support for standards (which is the same
pitch I heard Simon Phipps give at SD2001 West,) if the underlying codebase
is not in a commons -- MS or Sun can still get you for monopoly rents. The
transport still needs something send it.
> While the speaker is not a vile as Jack Valenti calling anyone with a
Linux distro a criminal, this still has to be read as propaganda. MS has a
considerable stake in keeping their market share and I still don't believe
they are going to lie back and let a thousand flowers bloom.
> In the end, MS can maintain market power the old fashioned way: through
legislation. The bulk of the shareholders don't care how they make their
earnings targets, just as long as they do.
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> Bill
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