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Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 22:14:30 PDT

Dave you ignorant slut.

Apache is not GPL.


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> BTW, for those who don't have the liner notes, the Microsoft comments
> open source are almost certainly about IBM's marketing of open source
> programming against Microsoft's stuff in the .NET area. I don't think they
> dare name IBM this specifically, for fear of helping them market their
> wares. Now when the analysts ask IBM about their strategy, they are armed
> with the checklist of questions to ask. "Uhhh, how does the GPL effect
> IP, Mr. IBM?" Markoff zeroed right in on this, interviewing the IBM exec.
> says their lawyers understand how to build a firewall that keeps the GPL
> from infecting everything that's not open source at IBM, which is almost
> everything other than Apache. Microsoft's answer is "Pfui." (To quote Nero
> Wolf.) Speaking of which I'd love to see Lou Gerstner and Richard Stallman
> at a press conference explaining how their interests are aligned. This
> be one of those "I'm glad to have lived to see this" moments. Dave

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