From: Tom (
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 11:37:47 PDT

--]Dude, it's like you're wearing yellow and pink Ralph Lauren duds and you're
--]walking into a biker bar. Even the desirability of good manners is
--]contextual rather than universal. Caveat FoRKie.

Hey, theres nothing wrong with Ralph Lauren in a biker bar...its just a
matter of whose dance partner youll be first.

Maybe this little bit of cut and paste will shine some light on the topic
for those newly FoRked.

Dear (gender unspecified) Manners;

 I have recently joined a mailing list where there appears to be some
interesting discourse. The only problem is the rather abrassive and rude
language that is used in conversing.

 How should I respond to these rough winds?

                 Civil In Cybersapce.

Dear Civil In Cybersapce;

  Never bring a knife to a fire fight. When in Rome, get out the crisco.


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