Re: [ reactions ] Re: [NYT] Microsoft Is Set to Be Top Foe of Free Code

From: Dave Winer (
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 22:34:51 PDT

Strata you ignorant slut.. ;->

I tilt at Windows, not windmills.

It was an interesting day for discourse on the Internet.

Lots of bluster, one precise hit (Linus) and one message of love (Doc

Actually, I don't think open source will win in the market.

The battle is so silly -- open source has been here forever, and will be
here forever.

And if the experience with Apple is any clue, barring some breakup by the US
Gov, Microsoft will be here virtually forever too.

Aside from that I want to make software for people who use Microsoft
platforms. There are too many of them to deprive them of the goodies I

Whatever. I read a piece about Leibniz, perhaps the Linus of the 1600s, and
Newton who might have been the Bill Gates.

I'll go with the Leibniz philosophy that this is the best of all possible

And don't blame me, Linus brought Newton into it. ;->

I bet a lot of people though he was talking about Apple's PDA.


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> Dave Winer wrote:
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> > I don't understand much of what you say. If open source is the superior
> > to go then it will win in the market.
> Dave! You've been around long enough to know that's not true. Or is
> that the windmill that you tilt at, and we should leave well enough
> alone?
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