Re: Evolution being slow ...

From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 06:53:18 PDT

More hogwash... (I actually consulted to a swine breeder once working
on a cutting edge estimated breeding value (EBV) genetics tracking
program, so I know what hogwash (i.e. sweetwater) smells like.)

Sounds like a Roger Penrose
or Frank J. Tipler
theory. What a waste of time. Mental masturbation.

sdw wrote:
> > Hogwash. Genes didn't spring fully formed. Or cells (there's a movie
> > where the main protagonist decides to believe in God/creation because a
> > 'cell' couldn't have sprung into existance), or even DNA/RNA.
> >
> > These kinds of computations implying complete knowledge of all
> > mechanisms and their complexity, obviously not present three decades
> > ago.
> Stephen (and everyone else on Fork). What are your thoughts on the theory
> of "Irreducible Complexity"? For those of you who are unfamiliar with it,
> it basically says that some mechanisms are more than sum of their parts, and
> therefore, hold information that their parts could not have otherwise held.
> Subsequently, "Irreducible Complexity" tries to prove that there is a God
> based on this assumption.
> Has anyone done any reading on this? What do you guys/gals think about
> this?
> R

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