Judge dismisses all Rambus claims against Infineon

From: Robert Harley (Robert.Harley@inria.fr)
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 08:35:10 PDT

The endgame approacheth.

Judge dismisses all Rambus claims against Infineon
Federal Judge Robert Payne on Friday dismissed all Rambus Inc.
synchronous patent infringement claims against Infineon Technologies
AG -- but the trial will continue next week on alleged Rambus
antitrust and fraud actions.
By absolving Infineon, the judge removed the German chip maker itself
from any liability, but that left the Rambus SDRAM and DDR patents
By continuing the trial on the issue of Rambus' alleged secrecy at the
industry JEDEC standards committee, Judge Payne left the door open for
the synchronous patents to be declared unenforceable on the grounds of
antitrust violations.
Judge Payne dismissed infringement claims against Infineon on the
grounds that the German firm's SDRAM and DDR chips didn't use a
multiplexed memory bus.

How long will the other companies paying SDRAM licensing fees to
Rambus continue to do so? That's 80% of Rambus's revenue, IIRC. How
long until they demand refunds? They might be able to press for
damages even.


RMBS stock dropping like a stone. Trading halted.

Of course, they will appeal.


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