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From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 15:59:19 PDT

Jeff Barr wrote:
> Steve says,
> > I also programmed a bit on a IBM PC running DOS 1 (no subdirectories,
> > 64K memory, just BASIC). The local insurance company, in our little
> > town of 11,000, had an IBM 370 and some mini computers and they
> > obviously had a very early PC to try it out. I was in a business
> > 'explorers' group as a teenager run by a deaf guy who was a programmer
> > there. He let me play with it so I could try to write a simple
> > accounting program.
> I believe that this "let me play with it" factor has gotten lots and lots
> of youngsters started in our field. I know that's how I got started in a
> little computer store at the ripe age of 15.
> Now that we are "in" and the kids aren't, let's do what we can to repay the

Precisely the reason I have been recruiting for my proto-non-profit
"Tech Scouts" (and "Tech Explorers", "Tech Leads").
I believe I've proposed the idea here previously, but the simple
description is that it is a Technical Boy Scouts, with no descrimination
and an emphasis on both individual exploration and achievement.

Want to help? Anyone?

> favor. I've found that today's teenagers (the ones I associate with anyway)
> are well-informed, full of energy, and quite aware of "the big picture." I
> drive three 15-year-olds to school every morning, and the discussion topic
> for the day is more often than not drawn from the front pages of Kuro5hin
> or SlashDot.

Cool. Unfortunately my older boys are slackers so far, but my daughter
is excelling in school and work.


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