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From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 16:47:54 PDT

Chuck Murcko <> writes:

> > My personal emotional reaction was revulsion at Eric Raymond's portrayal
> > today of the GPL and Stallman as unrepresentative of 'the Open Source
> > movement.' I agree. Open Source has nothing to do with Stallman's
> > idealism. It's sort of like a political party that wants to distance
> > itself
> > from the idealism that gave it it's initial cachet, and I think it
> > deserves
> > every bit of the credibility that that implies.
> >
> Feh. Why is it that everyone treats OS like it has none of the character
> defects that corps have? Or any of the brains or pragmatism in a
> business sense?

Why do people talk about OS like it's a political party? Or any type
of group organized enough that one subgroup can represent another?

OS is a tool. If some people reject the initial idealism but believe
in its usefulness, I don't necessarily see them as backsliding
commies. I don't necessarily seem them as renouncing anything.

Karl Anderson 

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