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From: Tom (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 08:10:50 PDT

On 5 May 2001, Karl Anderson wrote:

--]Why do people talk about OS like it's a political party? Or any type
--]of group organized enough that one subgroup can represent another?
--]OS is a tool.

OS is not simply a mater of code people, wake up and realize that
we are all soliders in the great and glorious JIHAD for the glory and
victory of good over evil, of right thinking over foolish wasterfullness,
of the one true way versus the false prophets.

DEath to the Infidels! Death to the unbelivers! Our lives and hardrives
are but wepons to be used by the greater forces that have given us so
much. We must stand united, never waver and in the end we will be part of
the resplendent hordes of noble warriors marching witht he great leaders
of all time.


[[cough cough cough]]

Look at the spectable and pompus circumstance that some folks have wrapped
them selves in around an OS or the fight against OS's. Stallman and the
rainman have ego vest life focus interest in these matters, They are not
simply matters of tech and use, they are a matter of spotlight, of being
right, of being seen as the leader of the "free" world

This is more about egojackoffcirclejerks than OS's. Why?
For the same reasons the mass of humanity knows more about thier fave
spors team than literacy . Its why a 2000 year old dead ape man can still
be used to control peoples lives. People like to feel apart of something
bigger than themselves. They need to belong to a winning team, a just
cause , and in the end can take things like OS's and turn em into
foundations for a lifestyle.

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?


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