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From: Lucas Gonze (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 09:33:02 PDT

I've heard from a couple linux users who are trying out OS X in hopes of finally
reaching the nirvana of un*x with a reasonable level of usability. Actually,
I'm looking forward to hearing their results, because I'd love to have that.

I deal with this problem by running two boxes at the same time -- a win98 box
that I type on _and_ a headless linux box right next to it, with a telnet
session at all times and a filesystem mount to share files.

> To adopt a devil's advocate stance here for a minute --- and I'm *not*
> "interfering," just expressing an opinion (Dave ;-) --- but OS X is
> the worst of
> all possible worlds. *Pragmatic* Mac purists can't be happy, because it just
> screwed their world up tremendously. UNIX geeks can't be happy, because the
> nonstandard filesystem org screws completely with portability of reams of
> code... Windows geeks can't be happy because... well... it ain't "True Blue"
> er, I mean, "True Bill." Opensourcies can't really be happy for a variety of
> reasons, some overlapping with the UNIX geek problems...

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