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From: Chuck Murcko (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 10:28:28 PDT

On Tuesday, May 8, 2001, at 11:10 AM, Tom wrote:

...a great tongue-in-cheek rant about jihad, then...

> Look at the spectable and pompus circumstance that some folks have
> wrapped
> them selves in around an OS or the fight against OS's. Stallman and the
> rainman have ego vest life focus interest in these matters, They are not
> simply matters of tech and use, they are a matter of spotlight, of being
> right, of being seen as the leader of the "free" world
> This is more about egojackoffcirclejerks than OS's. Why?
> For the same reasons the mass of humanity knows more about thier fave
> spors team than literacy . Its why a 2000 year old dead ape man can
> still
> be used to control peoples lives. People like to feel apart of
> something
> bigger than themselves. They need to belong to a winning team, a just
> cause , and in the end can take things like OS's and turn em into
> foundations for a lifestyle.

That's entirely the problem. And to whom does the media flock to find
out what OS and other free software is? Thereby spreading the problem.

To say there are no open source "representatives" is silly. Ask any tech
reporter and they'll rattle you off a list. Those lists get around
pretty well, too.

The sad surprise is that the moderate people are either at the bottom of
or not on the list. Or the smaller egos, whichever you prefer.

> Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?

Bad juju, it smells like.

Chuck Murcko
Topsail Group

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