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From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 12:29:02 PDT wrote:
> Anybody tried Win4Lin?
> These folks run Windows as a Linux application - you then run the Windows
> application within this application. There's no emulation and Windows
> applications cannot take the machine down. Very interesting.

I've had 1.0 and never loaded it. I just checked yesterday and 3.0 is
about to be released and provides support for 2.4.x kernels.

VMWare is a bit slower than Win4Lin apparently (according to Win4Lin),
but it is more compatible and seamless.

Neither of them are 'full emulations' in the sense that they both
execute most instructions directly on the CPU rather than being
'SoftPCs'. VMWare can run just about any Intel OS under either Linux or
WinNT/2K. VMWare quotes 4-10% or so penalty over running directly on
the hardware which isn't bad at all. It can run full-screen in X or in
a window. You can run multiple instances. Networking is transparent
and easy to setup. VMWare can even use a real partition directly
instead of a virtual drive.

You do have to load appropriate video and network device drivers and a
utility to make it easy to mouse in and out of the environment, but
other than that you just install from an OS CD.

VMWare now has an enterprise/server version with remote management,
extensive system partitioning, etc. Great for those pesky Win32 servers
that keep crashing. They charge a lot more for it but I bet they have a
lot of business there also.


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> > > I run Linux on my high-end laptop with Win2000 Pro in
> > VMWare. Easily
> > > handles everything but high-end games (on the win32 side).
> >
> > very nice. I'm suspicious of anything that smells like
> > emulation -- WINE was
> > the last emulation hell I want to go through - but surviving
> > a daily beating
> > like this is high praise.
> >
> > Wonder how much I'd save on the electricity by shutting off
> > the extra box...
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