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From: Dhiren Patel (
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 12:47:00 PDT

I was actually at Netscape during that time period. I remember the credit card
idea being kicked around quite a lot, but it got shot down every time. I guess
things are quite a bit different now that AOL is running the show. Personally,
I don't think the slightly longer no-interest period is worth the irritation of
the barrage of AOL CDs that you will inevitably get by signing up.


Jim Whitehead wrote:

> I just received an email from Netscape concerning an offer they have for a
> Netscape/Citibank credit card. Nothing partciularly special about the
> offer -- a slightly longer than average initial 0% interest period seems to
> be the only differentiator.
> My how the mighty have fallen. I can't imagine Netscape would have ever done
> something this tacky back in 96/97.
> - Jim

Dhiren Patel - Sr. Web Architect - Align Technology, Inc.

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