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From: Stephen D. Williams (sdw@lig.net)
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[Anything that only the regional phone companies want must be bad. Reformatted to 70 columns.]

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Date: Friday, May 11, 2001 6:43 AM From: "Debra Sweezey" <dsweezey@yahoo.com> To: <usispa-action@usispa.org>; <usispa-news@usispa.org> Subject: Telecom Act Nixed -- Feds Hand Bells the Net

Telecom Act Nixed -- Feds Hand Bells the Net

This is very likely to be a headline you'll read in next week's paper. When it happens -- and it is happening -- ISPs and CLECs are history, and monopolies rule again. You have just a few weeks to change tomorrow's history, and you have the world's greatest tool for change right at your fingertips.

Post notices on news groups, use your mailing list, chat, whatever, as long as you CALL FOR ACTION NOW! There is federal legislation that threatens to hand the Bells the Net. It is called H.R. 1542, misleadingly named the Broadband Relief Act of 2001. It is authored by two very powerful Congressmen, House Commerce Chairman W.J. "Billy" Tauzin (R-LA) and Ranking Minority Member John Dingell (D-MI), and supported - surprise, surprise, by only four companies. Perhaps you've heard of them: SBC, Verizon, Bell South and Qwest.

In essence, the bill allows the RBOCs to immediately begin offering long-distance data service, and eliminates the Telecom Act's requirement that they lease parts of their networks -- including equipment used for high-speed Internet service -- to competitors. Out goes the competition, up go the prices.

Share this information with your friends, family, customers, colleagues today! Beg them to make their voices heard. Do they really want the local phone monopoly running the Internet? Do they want higher prices, lousy service, and no new technology?

USISPA, the US Internet Service Providers Alliance, is comprised of ISPs and ISP state association across the country, and we are working in the trenches trying to protect consumers and the Internet from the Bell monopolies. We need your help in letting Congress know that what they're trying to do, on the Bells' dime, is not okay with America.

We willing and ready to help you any way we can. Please call or email Debra Sweezey of the US Internet Service Providers Alliance, and we'll give you all the information you need. We will give you the contact information for your local representative in addition to sample statements or letters, or we're happy to contact your representative on your behalf. Whatever's easiest for you.

We hope you will join the fight for a free and open Internet. We need you!

This message comes to you through the United States Internet Service Providers Alliance (USISPA), an alliance of state ISP associations and ISP across the country working to ensure a fair and competitive open telecommunications environment nationwide. For more info or to find how you can help USISPA help you, email Debra Sweezey, Project Director for USISPA, at sweezey@usispa.org or call her at 202-326-0440.

===== Debra Sweezey Project Director, USISPA 202.326.0440 sweezey@usispa.org

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