Re: Lisp, the secret weapon.

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Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 23:49:03 PDT

Jeff Bone <> writes:
> Good points. Here's another one: Latin vs. English bears a very directly
> analogous relationship to Lisp vs. C. While the former in both cases is more
> expressive and more powerful, the latter in both cases has better in situ
> survival characteristics.

You're full of shit, Bonehead. I'll believe you on the "expressive
and powerful" part when I see a one-page essay in Latin that can't be
written in English in less than twenty pages.

I'm not sure whether or not I agree about the survival
characteristics. Latin was spoken throughout half the civilized world
for centuries; English hasn't survived that long yet as a world
language, so it's hard to tell in practice. English has simpler
inflection, but more complex and arbitrary pronunciation and spelling
and a larger vocabulary, so it's hard to tell in theory, too.

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