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From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 07:13:37 PDT wrote:
> i much preferred clinton's style of lying. it didn't affect my standard of
> living. if helping opec gouge us at the pump is bush's idea of bringing
> dignity back to the white house, i'll take the oversexed dude and suffer his
> indiscretions any day of the week over this disaster of a president.

And why is it that almost every day, or at least once a week, there is
an in depth story in the Washington Post and/or Magazine (Tom Delay
today) about some Repugnican who is determined to bring religion 'back'
into the government.

"As we leave First Baptist, I ask DeLay about the many citizens who
would be quite uncomfortable with the idea that he would mold the
government in the belief that his religion -- fundamentalist
Christianity -- had the only answers to society's (sic?) problems.
  DeLay looks me squarely in the eye and shakes his head sadly. "When
faced with the truth, the truth hurts. It is human nature not to face
that ... People hate the messenger. That's why they killed Christ.""

Forget tax and spend vs. tax cuts, forget big government vs. small
government, Democrats are the party of separation of church and state,
ACLU, equal rights, equal rights between business and citizens (i.e.
citizen merchants/employers vs. citizen consumers), rational inquiry
into improved methods of government (which of course is going to involve
mistakes) VS. Republicans who are the "Religious Party" (tm), against
birth control, against rational solutions to foreign social problems,
pro unlimited business and ignoring consumers, against 'decadence'
(freedom, to a large extent), etc.

I'd rather pay outrageous taxes than have religion and other social
constraints forced down my throat any day. Taxes, generally, do not
change life qualitatively as social control does.

Time to start contributing to "People for the American Way" (very
successful lately), "Freedom From Religion Foundation" (if they still
exist), ACLU, etc.

In Virginia, we're now having high school students challenge in court
the year-old law that requires that not only do they have to have a
minute of silence, but that teachers must tell them that they can (and
preferrably should) pray. A persistant number of students leave the
rooms in protest. They came close to prosecuting those students at
first, but backed off right away.

I predict that Republicans will lose big in the next election. They are
so eager and blatant that the bulk of moderate America is going to have
plenty to grumble about. If the economy doesn't recover quickly (and
how could it?), that alone will be dream fodder for a campaign. Talk
about bad timing! Tough, they deserve it for all of the things they are
pulling now. We're probably going to need a new party to compete with
the Democrats after the next few years.

Is it a coincidence that the Republican's best and brightest all sound
stupid or at least ignorant of the full reality of current US life?
(Reagan, Bush Sr. (scanners anyone?), Bush Jr., Quayle (can't even spell
Quail ;-)), Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh) I can see that anyone who
disagrees with you is a candidate for appearing stupid, but by fairly
generic measures these guys are dunderheads in (at least) one way or

> more than miffed,

Getting there...

> gg


> In a message dated 5/12/01 1:32:23 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> <<
> He's got to pay them back for all of those campaign contributions somehow,
> hasn't he?
> I mean, sheesh... fixing an election takes a lot of money these days.
> -Ian.
> On 5/11/01 4:30 PM, "Bill Humphries" <> wrote:
> > At 7:18 PM -0400 5/11/01, Grly
> >> Call me a conduit for the cartel.
> >
> > Yep, it'd be cheaper and more transparent if Bush just asked the Congress
> to
> > transfer the money from Treasury to Duke/Enron/and so on.
> > >>

Stephen D. Williams
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