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From: Jay Thomas (
Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 17:02:53 PDT

First off, I should appologize for the "F you" statement in my rant. Not
my typical good natured self. As Whump pointed out, off-fork, it was
uncalled for. Now... wrote:
> In a message dated 5/12/01 5:09:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> << We enjoy seeing you on
> TV crying "Help us, we're victims"
> Republicans are the rich white party?? I don't think so.
> EXACTLY - that's just how they market themselves, to consumer-mentality
> wannabes.

However "They" market "themselves" is neither here nor there. I've never
marketed myself as anything but what I am. Part of which happens to be
Republican. I am a 30-some middle class white guy, who grew up going to
church on Sundays, seeing happily married couples, with their children,
at BBQ's or picnics or socials, or bake sales. I was a cub
scout/webelo/boy scout. If necessary I would fight and die for my
country and our way of life. I would *LOVE* to see this country go back
to a 1950's kind of Leave It To Beaver lifestyle. So sue me. I,
personally, believe that liberals, for example, the ACLU, and groups
like People for the American Way (decidedly a misnomer, given their
activities) have ruined a lot that was good about this country. Now we
have a President who, after 8 years of criminality, scandal, deceit, and
all-around low-class behavior, is a real breath of fresh air (for me and
mine). I'm glad my 3 girls will be growing up with him as their
president, as opposed to the last occupant of that office.

> <<Republicans are the party of folks who know whats going on, know what has
> to be changed, and try to do it. Entrepreneurs, people who don't hate/envy
> the rich,
> but would like to be there someday. People who believe in fairness and
> decency.
> Democrats are the victim party, >>
> how does it feel to be brainwashed, dittohead? that is straight limbaugh. i
> at least have enough of my own brain left to ASK QUESTIONS - or is that
> indicative of some secret envy i have of enron?

Honestly, I have not listened to Rush in years. I don't even know when
he's on. So, not sure I count as brainwashed. So, you're saying that
because I believe this way, I *don't* have enough brain left to ask
questions? Oh, right, I voted for W., so I must be dumb, like he is.
Someone asked me why I reacted the way I did, that I'm not being
personally attaqcked, but this is the sort of thing I'm talking about --
I vote Republican, therefore I am dumb (or brainless, or at least
unquestioning) Could it be possible, oh Smarter-than-thou Democrat, that
I did ask questions, and heard answers that I liked?

> that you or i would "like to be there someday" is probably the only thing we
> have in common. i just don't happen to believe my fellow citizens stand in
> the way of my getting there - you apparently do. talk about victimhood.

Who said anything about that?? The only one standing in the way of my
success is me (well, maybe my boss), and the Government. If I got to
keep more of my hard-earned pay, I'd be a lot better off, my daughters
would be able to go to much better schools in the future, and have much
nicer weddings, someday. Never said anything about my fellow citizens.
They don't really factor in to my success. And believe me Geege, I am
the last one to cry victim.

> <<the gay party, the welfare party, the
> deviant, hedonist party. The amoral party. The party of scandle,
> con-men, adulterers, traitors. People who spit on cops. People who boo
> boy scouts. People who would align themselves with the radical left over
> traditional American values.>>
> this is not your father's christianity.

Actually, it is. And my grandfathers, and his grandfathers. Lest we
forget (and please forgive me for "shoving religion down your throat")
Jesus was not warm and fuzzy. He drove the money changers out of the
temple with a whip, overturning their tables. He did not condone
immorality, even while expressing love for the sinner (as you point out
in a later email). Should I embrace 90's style touchy feely PC
mushiness, in order to be a good Christian, not judge, countenance
immorality? Can't. Although my life has not been led in a purely
Christian manner (by any stretch of the imagination), now that I'm a
father, and trying to be a good example, what kind of example does it
set to say "Oh, thats okay, everybody does it" ?

> > themselves as the party of the wealthy and successful, so poor, white,
> > rectangle-state guys (see which states voted bush) can butch up and pretend
> > they're part of a winning team. suckers. >>
> and i say it again. i'll bet donald "they don't know it's yours if it
> doesn't have your name on it" trump is your hero.

Nope, got me all wrong. He's a scumbag. Not sure I have any heros at the
moment, very few popular folks out there I'd want to emulate.

> jay says: "You sound like petulant children who need a time out and a
> spanking."
> stupid, don't you know that's exactly what we kinky democrats like?

Hehehh, D'oh! forgot.

> tie me up and drag me behind your pickup truck in the name of family values,
> gg

Now Geege, again, unfair. Remember, as so many bumper stickers on
Volvos, up here in the Peoples Republic of Mass remind me, Hate is not a
family value.

"You see, in this world there's two kinds of people, my friend: Those 
with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig"
-Clint Eastwood, "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" 1967

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