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From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Sun May 13 2001 - 06:50:17 PDT

Jeff Bone wrote:
> > > Democrats are the victim party, >>
> > >
> > > how does it feel to be brainwashed, dittohead?
> Cheap shot there, Geege. I for one am no dittohead, as should be patently obvious
> to anyone who's been around here long enough, but I agree with the poster --- Dems
> are the victim party. It doesn't take a dittohead to believe that --- in fact, it
> doesn't even take a Republican.

It's very telling that the Republicans seem focused on casting the
Democrats as focused on helping, abetting, and appealing to victims. It
occurs to me that this is very similar to something like: "You
***-loving scum." (Gay, black (et al), abortion, sex, atheism,
non-christian, etc.)

As I've said before, the Democratic party may or may not have the most
appropriate relationship with business interests (which are indirect
personal rights) but they specifically lean toward more or less
unlimited personal rights. I disagree with over-enthusiastic gun
control which, oddly, is treated differently from other rights. One way
to explain it is that the goal is equalization of power or at least
removal of extreme control.

Republicans, as one cheeky summary put it: "Are deathly afraid that
someone, somewhere might be having fun". From sex, abortion (what is
left of historical aversion to birth control), to their approved imposed
religion in public schools, invocations, and funding for school vouchers
for religious schools, offensive arts, etc., they are all for social and
moral straightjackets. In a sense this is an attitude that there will
be powerful people and they will be in control. This attitude can only
come from those that feel they are in the majority. The rebuttal to
this, for me, is that I can easily imagine that whoever is actually in
control will differ with me at least to some extent and differ with
others to large extents in ways that are not constitutionally

Maybe you have a rational definition of what is meant by 'victim party',
but as I interpret it, I'm proud to be more interested (not a member per
se) in the party that looks out for all comers rather than those proud
that they harbor no victims, just as I am proud to be part of the US
which has similar global ideals, generally.

> > that is straight limbaugh. i
> > > at least have enough of my own brain left to ASK QUESTIONS -
> Some of us can think for ourselves enough to not even *be* partisan, or more
> correctly to be terminally *anti-partisan,* and still believe that Dems are the
> victim party. Try again...
> $0.02,
> jb


Stephen D. Williams
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