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From: Tom (
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 08:19:03 PDT

On Mon, 14 May 2001, Jeffrey Kay wrote:

--]Just so I complete this picture -- you actually have parked this piece of
--]equipment in front of your desk? You intermix lats, presses, etc. with the
--]typing on your keyboard? Don't you need to get up to do the biceps? Scary
--]as this post sounds, I'm actually intrigued, considering how much time I
--]spend at the keyboard. Wouldn't the advent of high speed Internet reduce
--]the World Wide Wait enough to make it hard to do a single set of something
--]while a web page is loading?

Sitting down facing the computer I can do Lat Pull, Butterflys, Presses
and variations on those (ie isolation work, front and behind using the lat
bar). If I scooch the contraption back about 2 inches I can now use the
Leg Lift bar. All this within easy reach of the keyboard mouse and well
withing range of the screen and speakers.

TO use the Low Pulley and High Pulley (usualy used for the Lat Bar) I put
on some Old TIme Raidio, MP3's, Divx, or I start a CD Burn , get off my
throne, and turn it about 45 degrees. I now do a whole range of reps with
the HI and Low pulleys (including leg work, dead lifts, etc etc ie stuff
needing me to stand up and have a wider range of motion). Still in range
of screen and speakers

The 8510 is a snap to move since the weights are in the back portin and
thus make a great pivot point on which to do the 45 degree turn and the
scooch away from the desk.

All in all this is the best possible machine that I have come across to be
working out while still engaged in a tight relation to my computer/work

I am looking into hooking up (again) Dragon Naturaly speaking or something
like it for hands free typing. Expect to be getting some fork posts
with a scattering of GRUNTS and GASPS as well as a few FEEL THE

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