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From: Tom (
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 08:50:01 PDT

On Mon, 14 May 2001, Stephen D. Williams wrote:

--]There is a major difference between living tissue and conscious living
--]tissue. The simplistic 'potential' argument has been used to argue
--]against birth control because of the life potential of sperm. This is
--]rediculous and hopelessly shallow.

First, check your knee jerk reaction with me bucko before I layeth the
smack down with out the nicety I have been feeling this week. If you read
my full post with out your knee jerky reaction you will see that while I
dont spew the party line rhetric your expecting everyone who agrees with
you to spew I , in my own way, come to grips with the fact that sometimes
killing is not evil.

Pregnancy is more than just the mother OR the child. The various lives in
play have weight in the balance as well. In this case the mother and the
child are entertwined such that ones life can and often does outweight the

THe end result thoug is still LIfe or Death. You can wrap it up in as many
rhetotical layers as you want, but please spare me the sanctimonoius vlaue
system you seem so intent to defend with that killer +2 knee jerk attack.

Ill lay you out in a poll of life sucking muck if you try the Shallow and
Rediculous tactic again.

--]Consiousness doesn't mean reflexes or early brain activity. If you
--]start wondering when the 'soul' is inserted, you are off in left field

Oh spare me your cheap party line attack mehtods, considering where I
stand ont he subject your showing yourself off to be a sucking defict for
 the "side" you knee jerk for.

Heres a nice simple question for your nice simple self... Define , in your
own words (you still remeber how?) conscieouness.

-tom(pumped and primed for action)_wsmf

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