C sharp and CLI creeping towards standardization

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From: David Stutz (stutzbforked@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 09:58:26 PDT

Some light reading for the list...

MS, Intel, and HP have finally published "working drafts" for both
the C# language and the "common language infrastructure" (which is a
subset of the .NET Framework that includes a file format, runtime support
facilities, and a few core programming libraries).

I know of at least two independent CLI implementation efforts underway, as
well as a couple of C# compilers.


From the Microsoft page:

>ECMA Standardization
>On October 31, 2000, Hewlett-Packard, Intel Corporation, and Microsoft
>jointly submitted proposed draft standards to ECMA, an international
>standards organization, for use in defining the C# Programming Language
>(ECMA TC39/TG2) and the Common Language Infrastructure (ECMA TC39/TG3).
>The official submissions are available from the ECMA web site at
>Since submission seven months ago, the original documents have been
>reviewed and edited by the participants of ECMA TC39/TG2 and TC39/TG3.
>Posted here is a snapshot of the committee's work to date.
>The participants in ECMA TC39/TG2 and TC39/TG3 are providing these
>working documents to the public for informational purposes only. The
>contents are subject to change as often as once a month. To participate
>in the standardization process, contact your organization's ECMA
>representative. If your company does not currently participate in ECMA
>and wishes to do so, please contact ECMA directly.
>The following organizations have participated in the work of ECMA
>TC39/TG2 and TC39/TG3 and their contributions are gratefully
>acknowledged: Fujitsu Software, Hewlett-Packard, Intel Corporation,
>International Business Machines, ISE, Microsoft Corporation, Monash
>University, Netscape, OpenWave, Plum Hall, and Sun Microsystems.
>Many of the organizations that have participated in the TC39/TG2 and
>TC39/TG3 work have volunteered to mirror this site. The URLs for the
>mirror sites are:
>Fujitsu Software
>Intel Corporation
>Microsoft Corporation
>Monash University

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