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From: Matt Jensen (
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 15:02:09 PDT

I think media culture is an important topic. But...

On Mon, 14 May 2001, Ian wrote:

> > When that ad comes on television in the middle of "Barney", whether it's
> > gory violence or explicit sex, I will smile inside as my children turn to me
> > and point out how "stupid" or "lame" the ad is.

Ian, "Barney" appears on PBS. On that network, Sesame Street is the only
show with ads in the middle. Ads for letters and numbers.

I hope you get a *little* more involved in your kids' viewing habits.
Because when that muppet in a trenchcoat selling hot merchandise sings
"Would you like to buy an 'O'?", your kids need to know how to just say

-Matt Jensen

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