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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 21:39:20 PDT

Ian, Jay is so far off you shouldn't even dignify him by calling this whole mess
a "debate.'



Ian Andrew Bell wrote:

> Brigham Young University Lecture Summary, 5/14/01..
> And this week in Debating 213, we'll show you how to attack an argument
> without actually contesting anything that the other debater has said.
> Step One: Turn everything, no matter how benign, into a personal attack.
> This will illicit sympathy from your audience who will respect you for
> defending your dignity in the face of such obvious Liberal impudence:
> > I'm glad you know me so well, Ian, that you can critique my parenting
> > skills from all the way out there in Hollywood.
> Bonus step -- if debater lives in Hollywood, the source of all things evil
> in our culture, that's just too easy. Make sure that's well documented for
> the audience, too. Right-minded folks would never live in such a cesspool!
> Step Two: Know your opponent. Check out everything you can. See what you
> can dig up. If there's anything you can find that might jeopardize his/her
> credibility in minds of right-minded people, by all means drag it out.
> > Those are some mighty sophisticated kids you've raised there, Ian. What
> > are their ages and how many are there again? At your website it didn't
> > mention anything about kids, or even a wife. Just a cat. I'm sure you're
> > raising him to be quite sophisticated too.
> Now you're ready for Step Three: Repeat! (Right-minded folks sometimes
> need to hear things four or five times before they really understand your
> message).
> > When my license is suspended, do I have to go before the west hollywood
> > parenting board to appeal, or are you planning on adopting them as your
> > own, oh he who is so wise in the art of parenting?
> Excellent. As you see, the proponent above has artfully dodged an otherwise
> logical and potentially appealing argument and has successfully turned it
> into a slander-fest. Right-minded folks will see the foolish liberal's
> character assassinations for what they are -- pure evil.
> -Ian.

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