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From: Antoun Nabhan (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 10:30:02 PDT

At 04:57 PM 5/12/01 -0400, Jay Thomas wrote:
>Republicans are the rich white party?? I don't think so. Republicans are
>the party of folks who know whats going on, know what has to be changed,
>and try to do it. Entrepreneurs, people who don't hate/envy the rich,
>but would like to be there someday. People who believe in fairness and
>Democrats are the victim party, the gay party, the welfare party, the
>deviant, hedonist party. The amoral party. The party of scandle,
>con-men, adulterers, traitors. People who spit on cops. People who boo
>boy scouts. People who would align themselves with the radical left over
>traditional American values.

That's an odd bag of stereotypes - and an unfortunately vitriolic attack -
you're putting on the table. I know a number of entrepreneurs, and most of
them are deviant non-Christian anti-authoritarian hedonists. A couple of
them are gay, a couple are adulterers, strictly defined, and anyone with a
NASDAQ-heavy portfolio might have a good claim that they are con-men. But
they do believe in fairness and decency - you don't get all that far in
business if you're young and start out poor and set out to screw over your
employees, investors, or customers.

>You want to proclaim youself a member of that fine group, allied with
>James Carville, Bill Clinton, and Larry Flynt, be my guest. Throw around

Actually, Larry went up against Bill and Hillary "It Takes An Oppressive
Village" Clinton on the Children's Online Protection Act. A bunch of the
Million Mom Marchers joined forces with the quack evangelists to undermine
free speech and found themselves opposed, certainly by Flynt, but even more
forcefully by ...drum roll please...those whacko, deviant, hedonist
LIBRARIANS, from public and grade school libraries across the country. I
would find this all absolutely hilarious if I weren't an American citizen
and therefore subject to the laws that come out of this burlesque political
process we've got here.

Wait, which white guy is wearing the black hat today? :-)

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