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>i just can't get over that he suggested we use our tax "refund" to cover the
>increased cost of energy - and the accompanying increases in food, shelter,
>you name it - and no one is calling him on it.
 <rant emotion="bitter" length="long" detail="verbose">
 Agreed. I haven't been following the thread but correct me if I'm wrong -
 the only reason energy prices are so high is because the unregulated
 producers of said energy have marked up the price almost 1900% during peak
 usage times [1] and the only reason there is an energy shortage is because
 the utilities cannot afford to purchase as much energy from said producers
 due to this unregulated price gouging...hence, there is no energy shortage
 and both Dubya and Cheney (the latter of whom declared $36M[2] on last
 year's taxes, most of which came from his exercising of stock options from
 Halliburton Co a *surprise* energy company that boasts it helped stimulate
 the most prolific producing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico) have no plans
 to step in and intervene with the energy companies. Hey, Bush and Cheney
 are oil men and many of the key people involved in the raping of California
 with regards to power are the very people who made contributions and helped
 get them elected.
 The point? Of course they'd recommend we use our tax cuts towards paying
 increased energy costs. Of course Cheney would make the absolute ridiculous
 claim that "Conservation may be a sign of personal virtue, but it is not a
 sufficient basis for a sound, comprehensive energy policy" [3] while Bush
 is running around trying to use eminent domain[4] at the Federal level to
 put up as many power lines as he can. They're primary supporters are making
 loads of money! What's even funnier is that we have no shortage of energy
 [5] and even the Federal government's own scientists have produced
 research[6] at odds with the Bush administration.
 It's just something Cheney and Bush are pushing, I'm guessing, because
 since two oilmen hold the top two positions in the country, they want to do
 everything they can to give the environmental movement the finger, pay back
 all their supporters, destroy the environment in as many ways as possible
 that they previously weren't allowed to, and pave the way for good jobs at
 energy companies before they are kicked out of office and the Democrats are
 brought back in to clean things up.
 [1] According to a June 2000 article from SJM, prices were spiking as high
 as $750 per megawatt hour until the ISO board lowered the cap to $500.
 "Normally, the price of a megawatt hour -- which is enough to power 1,000
 homes for an hour -- ranges between $25 and $40. "
 [2] According to an April 14th AP article, "Vice President Dick Cheney took
 in $36 million, according to income-tax documents released Friday."
 ..."Most of Cheney's income came when he exercised stock options and sold
 stock in Halliburton Co., the Dallas-based energy services firm he headed
 until late in the presidential campaign. The vice president received $4.3
 million in deferred compensation and bonuses. He reported $806,332 in
 salary and $823,509 in capital gains." ...."Cheney's tax total put him in
 the rarified realm of the top 39.6 percent tax bracket, which Bush wants to
 eventually reduce to 33 percent." ...."Using the small standard deduction
 of $7,350, the calculator estimates Cheney's tax cut under
 the Bush plan at more than $2.3 million, a 16.1 percent cut. "
 [3] Source for quote and hideous pro-resource consumption rhetoric:
 [4] "We need more electricity wires carrying product across the country,"
 the president said Tuesday night at a speech to the Electronic Industries
 Alliance in Washington. One of the ways Bush intends to achieve that goal
 is by asking Congress to pass legislation that substantially expands the
 government's eminent domain authority
 [5] Forbes says there is no energy crisis and that not even the whole state
 of California is effected - LA has it's own municipal power service. Oil
 and Natural Gas reserves are at an all-time
 [6] "Most of the savings came from installing geothermal heat pumps, an
 efficient home-heating and cooling system that circulates fluids through
 underground coils but otherwise uses conventional technologies." ... "The
 heat pumps, though still something of a novelty, are proven and save so
 much money that President Bush installed a system at his new ranch home in
 Crawford, Texas. Cheney's official home, the Naval Observatory in
 Washington, also uses geothermal heat pumps to cut down on its energy bill."

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