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From: Tom (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 10:30:39 PDT

On Tue, 15 May 2001, Jeff Bone wrote:

--]> WElcome to the human race, where decissions are not easily drawn on a
--]> blackboard so the dorm denizens can play disention games with it.
--]Tom, that's too easy. When the defense of something is "well, the real world is too messy
--]to yield to reason and logic" you know something's gone awry with the argument.

Yea, it has, the rye part is that im saying things are complex your saying
Its black or white So now Im saying we either agree that the world is
complex or there not much i can base a converstaion with you on.

--]> HEnce Each life is of value, and each death of that life ends that life,
--]> so if you have anything to do with ending that life you must either accpet
--]> the ending of the potentioal or be oblivious and just end it.
--]So you're arguing for "potential," and you readily admit that we have
no way of knowing
 --]when life's potential ends. Hence, you must therefore believe that
pulling the plug is
--]wrong --- just think of all the cases of flatlines coming back. Except, you don't believe
--]that pulling the plug is wrong. Your argument is inconsistent, hence your belief
--]structure in this context is inconsistent.

Dude, your just not singing with the vibe. I am saying there is such a
wide freaking range of life and death factors that you vlaue them all for
what they are rather than making Cast in Stone "all is this and thats all
it is" determinisations.

--]> It is not black or white.
--]You should just say what you mean, i.e., "I can't make my belief structure make logical

NO, what I can say is I cant make my belife system make sense to you.

Given what you state your belife system to be I think this is probably a
Feature in mine and a BUg in yours.

--]Yeah, yeah. Tom, you're dangerously close to one of the great ills of our age, i.e.
--]spiritualizing science.

They are seperate? How?

--]I value (human) life too much to cheapen it by calling a little clot of diploid cells a

Make a tshirt, this will sell millions.

Also, it exaplins why you dont want kids, you just dont value them.
Ill lend you mine for a week:)_ That will cause all Black and WHite THis
or Thatness to flee your system.

I think we just have a totaly diffetn view on live, value of humanity, and
living here JB.


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