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From: Tom (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 12:38:31 PDT

On 15 May 2001, Karl Anderson wrote:

--]Why so defensive, Tom? I never accused you of that.

Backpeddle city? COme on, at least have the grapefruits to stand up to
your own posts.

--]You prefered to reply with 10 times as many lines of badly spelled
--]insults as with actual responses to what I said, but that's just your
--]watered-down style, Tom, and I've come to love you for it as much as
--]the rest of FoRK does, you cute little bug!

No i prefered to call the post what i saw it as. Now of course you can try
to wessle out of your stance, but that just shows your watered down style
of nonbackbonedness.

COme on man, at least you can pretned to have a pair swinging.

Now on to your post...

No, your drawn line from A to Aids was bogus, you cant back it, and the
softbackpeddle proves it.

Now try again grasshoper. Make us belive it.


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