Re: Aliterative, not alliterative

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Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 15:15:45 PDT

"Stephen D. Williams" wrote:
> Definitely agree...
> BTW, you guys know that the Hindenburg burned like that because of the
> aluminum-powder fabric covering, not because it was full of hydrogen?
> There was a good article about it a couple years ago. The fabric was
> practically explosive.

The interesting thing about the Hindenburg desaster is not how
many people died, but how many survived. Consider that propane fire
in Mexico. Consider the conflagration a normal gasoline transporter

The good point of hydrogen fireballs is a) being lighter than air,
they rise up very quickly b) lacking soot particles, they don't roast
victims with blackbody radiation.

If you're caught up in the middle of it, you're fux0red, of course.

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