Re: Etymology of 'MUAH'??

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From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 21:09:33 PDT

"Stephen D. Williams" wrote:
> Cyber for *KISS*... Where'd it come from?

muah: (moo-AH) the sound of a kiss, or a "so there"

Sound of a fake aunt or shallow-social kiss maybe...

Spontaneous automonopaea (I have no idea of the spelling, audio from 5th
grade video lesson) I suppose.


RE: Omigod that was soooo cute!

      Posted by: Shannon ( on Mon, Mar 26, 01 at

         Well, I'm not certain how cute this will be to you all but I
find it adorable! LOL! Ya know how sometimes when you kiss someone you
go "muwah" (kissing sound effect)? Well, my 16-month-old will
         grab your face with his hands and give you a big fat kiss and
do the "muwah". It's just too cute!

      RE: Omigod that was soooo cute!

      Posted by: Mandy ( on Mon, Mar 26, 01 at

         Shannon, my 18 month old DD does the "muah" thing too, and
lately she loves to kiss my feet, lol. She also loves to suddenly pull
up someone's shirt to show them their belly button and tickle it. She's
         exposed quite a few bras to everyone, hehe.

         She also has an obsession with shoes. She absolutely insists
that they be on the coffee table! As soon as you take them off, she puts
them on the table, and no matter how many times you take them
         off, she puts them back. She also hides M&Ms inside the shoes.
So we often pull our shoes off to find that our socks have bright
colored spots on them.


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