"My clinic won't create gays"

Jay Thomas (jpthomas@ix.netcom.com)
Thu, 02 Apr 1998 16:01:24 -0500

I am really surprised the American press hasn't picked up on this.
Personally, I believe cloning should be viewed as viable research, and
not legislated against on the grounds that it *might* be abused.
Should be interesting to see how the media portray Dr. Dick Seed (love
the name, so appropriate) after some of these comments. My personal
fave is:

"He is a creep, a mess, him talking about ethics is like one dung
bucket talking to another dung bucket. I have to admit - the thought
of 100 Bill Clintons, that could discourage me enormously."=20


My clinic won't create gays as they're imperfect, says physicist
American scientist wants to start human cloning in two months=20

THE American scientist who plans to create the world's first human
clones said last night he would be prepared to make unlimited numbers
of identical people if paid to do so.=20

Dr Richard Seed said that he would refuse to use his cloning
techniques to provide homosexual couples with children because he
believes gays are genetically imperfect.=20

The Chicago physicist, who claims he will be ready to begin his first
human cloning experiment in two months, said that market forces will
determine whether dozens of genetically identical people will be
created by his programme.=20

He expects to charge clients at his proposed clinic up to =A310,000 for
each attempt after the first 50 clients have been treated at his

In Glasgow yesterday, Dr Seed said that the programme may not go ahead
unless questions about the creation of Dolly the sheep by Edinburgh
scientists are cleared up.=20

Scientists at the Roslin Institute have admitted they can no longer be
certain that Dolly is the world's first animal clone to be developed
from a cell taken from an adult. Because the adult donor was pregnant
when the cell was taken, Dolly may in fact have been created from a
foetal cell.=20

Dr Seed plans to develop human clones in the same way Roslin experts
developed Dolly - by extracting genetically coded DNA from a donor
cell, and implanting it in a fertile female egg which has had its DNA

However, Roslin scientists have expressed horror at his proposals, and
said he would not be granted a patent to replicate their technique.=20

Dr Seed yesterday seemed to have no ethical reservations about his own
human cloning programme. He dismissed suggestions that human cloning
is not yet feasible with current technology. [Continued on Next Page]=20

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