ACM Policy Conference '98.

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Thu, 2 Apr 1998 18:16:37 -0800

Rohit told me that this year's ACM Policy Conference doesn't sound too
compelling, but it looks good to me. I would LOVE to hear what Orrin
Hatch has to say about intellectual property futures...
-- Adam

* * * POLICY '98 CONFERENCE * * *

"Shaping Policy in the Information Age"
Washington, DC, Renaissance Hotel
May 10-12, 1998

Register now for the one computing policy conference you don't
want to miss...featuring:

- Senator Orrin Hatch (invited): Future of Intellectual Property
- Special Advisor to the President Ira Magaziner: White House Report
- Representative Vern Ehlers: Reformulating US Science Policy
- Representative Constance Morella: The Role of the Federal Government
in Computing
- Robert E. Kahn, President, CNRI: Technology Keynote
- Assistant Director Juris Hartmanis: The Role of the National Science
Foundation in Computing Policy
- Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information
Larry Irving: Universal Service
- Debate: Esther Dyson and Gary Chapman
- ACM Presidential Award for founding NetDay: John Gage, Sun
- Making Science Policy: Roundtable with NPR Correspondent Dan Charles

The ACM Policy '98 Conference will focus on public policy issues
affecting future applications of computing. Our goal is to forge
stronger links between computing professionals and policy makers.
Attendees will interact with prominent leaders from academia, industry,
Congress, and Executive agencies, and participate in debates on policy
issues including:

- Universal Access - Electronic Commerce
- Intellectual Property - Education Online

All Policy '98 attendees are invited to the Annual ACM Awards Banquet on
Sunday evening May 10th, and a conference reception on Monday evening
May 11th at the new headquarters of the American Association for the
Advancement of Science.

Register online at

or write to Early registrants and ACM members receive
discounts. A limited number of low-priced student registrations are

Conference Chairs - Ben Shneiderman, Dianne Martin
Program Chairs - Marc Rotenberg, Keith Miller
Panel Moderators - Jim Horning, Pamela Samuelson,
Charles Brownstein, Oliver Smoot
ACM President - Chuck House
USACM Chair - Barbara Simons


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