A potential candidate for Rohit's soul mate.

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 03:39:05 -0700

Hey Rohit, check out


and see if you find this person appealing...

> HI! My name is Melissa. I'm a mild mannered (yeah right!) librarian by
> day. At night I come to life. I'm not exactly a party animal. I don't do
> anything. I just enjoy watching everyone else doing silly things. When
> you don't drink you don't have to worry about blackmail.

She's awake at night and she's willing to watch you drink. Check.
Plus, she's a librarian, which implies she's an information sponge. Check.

> Now, there are some who think they can blackmail me. They soon find
> out I admit to everything that I do. I go to Science Fiction
> Conventions. The people there are not exactly Mundane. We like to have
> fun and most of us are very respectable in our day jobs. Every once and
> a while we go a little crazy. We don't do damage and we spend a lot of
> money.

She likes to spend money and she likes science. Check.

> Of course, the Novi Hilton didn't really appreciate that. They
> couldn't handle people walking around in Klingon outfits. Not to mention
> telling a costumed gentleman (who happens to be a priest;) - in a
> loincloth - to get dressed even though there were women wearing MUCH
> LESS! I don't think that any ConCom (Convention Committee) will consider
> the Novi Hilton for another Science Fiction Convention. Ah well!
> Mundanes have a few problems;)

She hangs out in Hiltons and she's a klingon. Check.

> Some of my interests besides Science Fiction and Fantasy include
> writing. I attempt to write science fiction, fantasy and even some
> erotica. (For those with milder tastes.) Now that I'm on a non-partisan
> server I may even post some ;-)

She writes. She's into fantasy and erotica. Check.

> I study Middle Eastern Dance aka Belly Dance. I enjoy it. It gives a
> great workout. After doing ballet, jazz, tap and the rest Middle Eastern
> was a breath of fresh air. I know it has a reputation for being
> kootchy-kootchy but it is only sensual. It is a celebration of the
> female body - something most other dance forms are not.

She belly dances. She celebrates the female body. Checkaroo.

> I have studied martial arts. My special interest is Tai Chi Chuan. It
> could be that my Tai Chi has been the only thing keeping me sane. I've
> studied a few others but I always come back to Tai Chi.

She's into martial arts and Tai Chi. Cool, she can protect you from the
blue meanies. Check.

> Now for the vital statistics. I am single, beautiful, and looking. I
> am tired of being left for women who will have sex without the benefit
> of a ring. If you believe sex is the beginning and end of a
> relationship, I'm not interested. If you are looking for a caring and
> giving relationship, that can grow into something special - I'm game.
> I've had it with the "we're just having fun" crowd. (The last two men
> I've been with, much to my surprise, especially since one of them had
> professed his "love" for me, were in this category.) If you are
> interested in starting a correspondence just send me e-mail .

Looking for caring and giving and all that crap. Rohit, she's perfect
for you -- you should email her: owsley@hotmail.com

Consider this begging. Please email her so we can get off this "void
that is your social life" trip and return to doing important things
like, say, work...

We now return you to your regularly scheduled mailing list, not quite
really in progress...


You don't look different, but you have changed. I'm looking through
you, you're not the same.
-- the Beatles