Re: targeted advertising, sort of

Ron Resnick (
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 20:47:07 +0300

Lloyd Wood wrote:

> If I searched Altavista from my Sparc, over a period of several months
> last year, I'd see ads for Solaris maintenance tools, as Alta was
> picking up on the browser ID. This targeting isn't that visible at
> the moment because Altavista charge _way_ too much for impressions and
> have very few ads running bar their own. (In fact, DejaNews just seems
> to be advertising DejaNews, too - it looks like the bottom has dropped
> out of the banner market.)

I routinely get Hebrew banner ads at the top of alta vista, informing me
great holiday getaways here in Israel. Must be the damn .il domain of my
ISP :).

Anyway, back to lurkland...