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At 3:32 PM -0700 4/8/98, Ian Andrew Bell came up with the following:

> At 02:53 PM 4/8/98 -0700, CobraBoy wrote:
> >The California Lotto is up to $90 million. When I purchased my winning
> >QuickPick they asked if I wanted payments or one lump sum. I picked one
> >lump.
> >
> >So my question is how would the members of FoRK invest this amount? Of
> >course the guidelines are to avoid taxes as much as possbile.
> I'd immediately fly to Cartahena and buy 20 tons of pure, uncut cocaine and
> smuggle it into the continental United States in the speakers and
> amplification equipment of a fake rock & roll band that I pay to travel the
> country playing bogus concerts and distributing the stuff to all of the
> local kingpins. When caught I will deny involvement and flee to my secret
> hideout on a privately-owned island in the Caymans, where neither
> extradition nor tax law can find me.
> Not that I've ever thought about this, mind you.
> Say, can anyone here play guitar?
> -Ian.

Back in my yewt I worked for a synthisizer company. This keyboard player
comes in one day and takes me and a tech to lunch. He asks if we can create
a box inside his synth so he can hide his stash. A simple procedure. We
simply added a "second" power supply and some wires coming in and out of
it. All he had to do was remove a Synth module and pull the cover off the
"transformer" and walla!



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