Re: An Answer for Adam from the Diva

CobraBoy (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 21:30:20 -0700

I Find Karma sometime around 9:02 PM -0700 on 4/8/98, provided this:

> So I'll close this with Tim:
> > Personally I find FoRK has a lot in common lately with Professional
> > Wrestling. We have identity's and we fill those roles for the entertainment
> > of the crowd. And entertaining it is. Of course there are off nights, but
> > over all those on the sidelines are mostly entertained.
> Beautiful! Adding to


> Now what I want to know is: what the heck lewd conduct can one do by
> themself that warrants arresting? And if he was by himself, who the
> heck was there to arrest him?

Thought I wouldn't catch this didn't you?

George had his dick out and was "stroking," he was waiting for some anon
sex. For further information on this type of behavior go to , or ask Seaman Stains of Her Majesties
Royal Navy.


High five, more dead than alive.

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