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... since at least some of you do not appear to have got it.

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Subject: Workshop organistational details
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 14:46:06 +0930
From: Janet Verbyla <>

Hello All,

Below are the first round of organisational details.
All A.V and computing requirements have been passed onto the relevant
people. If there are any problems they will be in contact with you

Feel free to contact us if you have any other queries.
Janet and Benay

Workshops will be held at the BCEC - Exhibition centre.
These are the room allocations for the 9 workshops:

W1/6 M2
W2 M3
W3 M1
W4 P1
W5 P2
W7 P3
W8 P4
W9 M3
W11 M4

For Tuesday the rooms will be set up as per your requests.

Below is the current timetable. Please note the Monday orientation
opportunity. I will advise you about tea and lunch times as they become

3:30pm BCEC workshop orientation at 3.30pm on Monday
Facilitators encouraged to attend to meet their tech support
person and check out their equipment and room. Benay will
also be available at the orientation to assist facilitators
in their preparations for Tuesday's workshops.

8am Workshop rooms will be open to facilitators. Tech support will
be there then. Tech support, and Workshop Co-Chairs Janet and
Benay will be available to assist facilitators in their
workshop set-up.

8:45am Delegates can start moving in for a 9am start.

9am Workshop start

Allow half an hour each for the morning and afternoon tea breaks.
One and a half hours for lunch*. Times to be advised.

5:30pm Latest for Workshop finish

6.00pm Welcoming Reception

*For Lunch we will be busing workshop people over to QUT for an Aussie BBQ
lunch with the tutorial people. Menu is steaks, barramundi (fish) and even
some kangaroo and crocodile!! We have to book a fleet
of city transport buses for get the tut people over and back so this same
fleet will be used at lunchtime.

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