EDCS Grant Quarterly Report - 1st QR '98

Rohit Khare (rohit@bordeaux.ics.uci.edu)
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 06:16:40 -0700

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From: Rohit Khare <rohit@bordeaux.ics.uci.edu>

Jan 1 - Mar 31

> http://www.ics.uci.edu/pub/edcs/related.html

So, Kari, be kind to me on this first attempt at a QR. I'll err on the side of
saying more than less. In particular, I'm still not sure enough about the
goals of the Evolutionary Design of Complex Systems grant to relate my work to
its goals

> Ongoing Research and Development
> ================================

Hyperware Team

Rohit Khare has been investigating issues related to next-generation
hypermedia access protocols. In addition to tracking the development of
HTTP-NG, he has been writing about the potential for third-party extensibility
using Web proxy servers, Extensible Markup Language, and the current
generation of HTTP.

> Record any significant research and development activity.
> Please do not give me only sound-byte bullets. When possible
> relate the development activities to the research and the
> research activities to the proposal.
> The first quarterly report gives a thorough overview of
> our intended research (as stated in the proposal). Please
> try to relate back to this information whenever possible!

> Participants
> ============
> Just check and make sure you're listed!

Wow -- I was listed in the last one already? cool!

> Notable Accomplishments and Technology Transition
> =================================================
> This can include
> Publications submitted, accepted, or published,
> Talks given,
> Important WG meetings,
> Tech tranfer (excluding Cluster collaborations),
> Big time technical achievements
> Demos

Rohit Khare presented a plenary talk based on joint work with Adam Rifkin from
Caltech at the DARPA/OMG Workshop on Compositional Software Architectures on
"Composing Active Proxies to Extend the Web". He also presented "XML and
WebDAV: a Tale of Two Standards" at XML'98 Developer's Day based on joint work
with Jim Whitehead. He also began a bimonthly column series in IEEE Internet
Computing which surveys application-layer information transfer protocols.

[Nothing all that important, really. I have an URL for that XML talk, too.]

> Progress on Inter/Intra Cluster Collaborations
> ==============================================
> Collaborations with other EDCS contractors. Be sure
> to include the PI's name and which cluster they are in.

You got me, Kari -- I just keep my head down when the thundering herds come to
town. I guess I could be slightly implicated in talking to the OzWeb folks of
Gail Kaiser's w.r.t. WebDAV and Web workflow, but there aren't any concrete
results to that yet.

> Publications
> ============

As you know, because of the bureaucracy with Rome Labs, I have yet to get a
single publication formally reviewed in time to qualify for preapproval
towards the grant. Furthermore, the only one I'd be proud of is the Web
Conference papers, which is technically April.

Composing Active Proxies to Extend the Web by Rohit Khare and Adam Rifkin
(Presented at the OMG-DARPA Workshop on Compositional Software Architectures,
Monterey, California, January 6-8, 1998)

Life in a TP by Rohit Khare, IEEE Internet Computing, March/April 1998
(don't have page # details since I haven't seen a copy yet)

Want URLs? :-)

> Give a full reference for any pubs accepted or published in
> this quarter.

> Travel (meeting name, dates, location)
> ======================================
> Include any travel that was charged to the EDCS grant.

January 6-8
DARPA/OMG Workshop on Compositional Software Architectures
Monterey, California

March 24-29
Extensible Markup Language '98
Seattle, Washington

> Near term plans for next quarter
> ================================
> What you will be working on over the next 3 months?

Co-convening a workshop on the future of HTTP at WWW7; presenting a short
paper (XML history) and poster (security) at WWW7; continuing the IEEE
Internet Computing column on Telnet and FTP; presenting the pro-Web protocols
stance in a panel at COOTS'98 in Santa Fe; preparing a paper on Patterns of
Transfer Protocols aimed at OOPSLA; preparing a paper on Web site authoriug
workslow aimed at a May conference on HTTP workflow; perhaps attending the
Future of HTML meeting in SF; preparing a paper on the state of Web
standardization aimed at the Information Society; and preparing RFCs on PEP
and securing HTTP/1.1 with TLS.

And oh yeah, a survey paper on application-layer Internet protocols.

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